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radlands1The Radlands trail system is located east of Redmond on Deschutes County owned property. RAPRD presented the concept of a non-motorized trail system on Deschutes County property to the County Commissioners in January 2011. This property surrounds the transfer station and an approved archery range. RAPRD formalized the request to use the property for trails in May 2011. The County approved the request in August 2011.

Historically the property has been used for motorized vehicle recreation and target practice. This original concept included mountain biking and equestrian trails which were proposed around the historic uses. Predestrians can use either trail. Meaning that trails would be developed away from the established "roads", archery range and transfer station.

RAPRD has partnered with Central Oregon Trail Alliance for the development of the mountain bike trails. With support from COTA there are currently 8-10 miles of mountain bike trails that are used by both bikers and pedestrians. There is approximately 9 miles of equestrian trails flagged but not developed. Equestrians who ride the Redlands are requested to not ride on the established bike trails.

The only trailhead currently is at the High Desert Sports Complex, which is identified for mountain bikes and pedestrains. There is a trailhead planned at Antler that will be for mountain bikers, hikers and equestrains. Please note that the original proposed trailhead at Upas has been removed from the plans.

Click here to learn more about the Radlands and the original Radlands Trail Proposal

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